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Equipment repair

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1. When you purchase the product fails, the first time and ya domain after-sales department to get in touch;
2. Xallcom sales staff to confirm the quality of the product itself, you need to provide product SN number, quantity, your consignor information, and express delivery to our maintenance center;
3. After Xallcom Service Center receives the faulty product, it will repair the product within 3 working days (if complicated problems are encountered, the repair time will be extended properly, we will contact you for the first time).
Details of the service center are as follows:
· Add:2/F,Building 211,Niucheng Road,Xili Street,Nanshan District,Shenzhen,China. 
· Tel: 0755-8605 9338 
· Fax: 0755-8605 9328 
· E-mail:support@xallcom.com
· Contact:Xallcom Maintenance Center
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