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           Shenzhen Xallcom Technology Co., Ltd. 

        Founded in 2012, headquartered in Shenzhen:It is an innovative and efficient national high-tech enterprise group company. Xallcom is a Chinese Well-known Brand of datacom products. It is an equipment provider and brand provider of Ethernet communication equipment and system solutions, and has always focused on the research and development, production, sales, and service of Ethernet's optoelectronic access, network convergence, core switching, routing gateway, fiber optic transmission, wireless communication, interface conversion, and software management platform. 

        The company's products cover 16 series:1. Industrial Ethernet Switch, 2. Commercial Ethernet Switch, 3. Ultra-wide-temperature Industrial Switch, 4. IP68 Waterproof Switch, 5. EN50155 Industrial Switch, 6. Mining Intrinsic Safety Switch, 7. Communication Module, 8. Intelligent Gateway, 9. Wireless Products (AP/AC/CPE/Router), 10. Serial Server, 11. Digital Optical Terminal, 12. Optical Transceiver, 13. Power Adapter, 14. Power dedicated Switch,15. Media Convertor, 16. System Platform Software. More than 500 products in total, widely used in Intelligent Networking, Multi-functional Smart Poles, Smart Highways, Smart Mines, Smart Water, Smart Agriculture, Smart New Energy, Smart Stations, Smart Hospitals, Smart e-commerce Warehouses, Industrial Automation, Rail Transit, Power Communication, Data Centers, Safe Cities, National Defense & Military Industry, and other fields.

        Innovation is the core value of xallcom:has always been committed to the research, innovation, and application of new technologies in the communication field. It has a professional communication laboratory with complete testing equipment in Shenzhen, and maintains an annual R&D investment of no less than 15% of sales. The proportion of R&D personnel is over 35%. At the same time, it has conducted research and development cooperation with higher education institutions and research institutions such as Zhejiang University and Hunan University. In recent years, it has obtained over 3 invention patents/y & 35 software copyrights/y, Continuously providing customers with the latest technological value-added services. After years of development and technological accumulation, Xallcom has obtained the following five outstanding honors and qualifications.

①   It is the Chinese enterprise with the highest number of invention patents in the field of self-healing ring network technology in the industrial field (single ring, intersecting ring, double return ring, chain ring, dual redundancy protection, and multiple network redundancy protection). It is the core competitiveness that sets it apart from other manufacturers and also the technological source of high reliability in Xallcom’s products;

②   The L-series products of Xallcom can start normally and work normally for a long time under extreme temperatures ranging from -60℃ to +85℃. They are ultra-high reliability communication products, which are due to their unique PCB circuit design ability, process processing ability, and strict selection of electronic components. They are completely different from the "Semi-Industrial-Ethernet-Switches" on the market, and Industrial grade products that are comparable to world-class brands;

③   In order to promote the wider application of communication technology, Xallcom is an active promoter and backbone of industry associations in multiple emerging industries. Xallcom is a participating unit in the technical specifications and standards of China's smart pole industry, China's smart transportation industry, and China's smart networking industry;

④   We are committed to innovation, pushing through the old to bring forth new ideas, and persist in creating creative and breakthrough communication products. The T series IP68 waterproof industrial switch has passed third-party IP68 protection level certification and 10 level salt spray corrosion resistance certification, and has been awarded the title of Innovative Product of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology in 2021; 7 Series edge computing Smart Gateway won the 2022-2023 Car Road Collaboration Equipment Award of Internet of Vehicles Technology Innovation at the China (Great Bay Area) Intelligent Networking Conference;

⑤  Following the development direction of informatization, digitization, and intelligence in technology, Xallcom has utilized its own communication technology advantages and years of industry insight to develop multiple series of breakthrough and leading communication products, which have received industry praise. In October 2019, it was interviewed by CCTV's "Brilliant China 70 Years" program.

        Many successful application cases:Over the years, Xallcom has participated in the construction of dozens of national and provincial-level major projects. For example, 7-series’ Edge Computing Smart Gateway has built the first 5G Smart Expressway in China (Shenzhen Outer Ring Expressway), 9-series’ Industrial Switch & 7-series’ Enterprise Router have built the city with the largest number of driverless test miles in China (Guangzhou Intelligent Networking Project), 9-series’ Industrial Switch & 5-series’ Network Management Switch have built the first undersea tunnel in Zhejiang Province (Zhejiang Zhoushan Lujiashi Tunnel) , 9-series’ Industrial Switch has built the first digital twin smart tunnel in Guangdong Province (Tanglangshan Tunnel in Shenzhen), S-series’ Serial Server , 1-series’ Rack Transceiver & 9-series’ industrial switch has built multiple nuclear power plants in China (Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Plant in Fujian, Jingmen Nuclear Power Plant in Hubei, etc.). At present, Xallcom has become the champion of multiple Chinese segmented markets such as IP68 Waterproof Industrial Switches, Fast Self-healing Ring Network Industrial Switches, and Serial Port Industrial Switches. It is a well-known Brand of China's own brand communication equipment and a reliable, confident, and reassuring choice for system integrators.

       Reliable networking, choose Xallcom:is committed to providing customers with highly reliable and functionally rich communication products, delivering high-quality end-to-end cloud communication solutions, and providing 16-product-series and over 500 products covering Ethernet access layer, aggregation layer, core layer, and platform management to meet customers' various application scenario needs.

      In today's rapidly changing world, technology is constantly changing. Xallcom actively participates in cutting-edge technology projects such as space exploration, deep-sea exploration, mining, Industry 4.0, robotics, and intelligent networking in China and internationally. In the wave of informatization, digitization, and intelligence in the industry, we seize the opportunities and challenges of every technological change and work together with customers to build a more intelligent, efficient, and secure future.

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